Pine Top Trail, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Like a life-size gingerbread house, this home just seems made for Christmas decorating...

...and with those green velvet slipper chairs next to the fireplace, I think it knows it:

Similarly, with a beautiful dining room like this...'s just all too easy to turn it into this...

and have those halls all decked for Christmas, because, after all, you don't know who might be dropping by:

Although this home was built in 1935, it's a relative youngster in Bethlehem, which has more 18th century buildings than Colonial Williamsburg.

Bethlehem was originally a Moravian church settlement founded on Christmas Eve, 1741. "The Christmas City" is known for having the country's oldest Bach choir (since 1898), the Moravian Book Shop, in business for 274 years, and of course, an annual Christkindlmarkt.

Looking around Bethlehem, you can still find plenty of Moravian stars:

{source unknown}

Topped off by its very own Star of Bethlehem:

The listing is here.

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