Jessica Walter's House, Pound Ridge, New York

"Don't tell Michael," but actress Jessica Walter has a hideaway house in Pound Ridge, New York, about 50 miles northeast of midtown Manhattan. She's now trying to sell the 1948 four bedroom, three bathroom house she has owned for the past 25 years.


Multiple listing photos make the real interiors as convoluted as any Arrested Development plot. Does the living room look like this?

Or like this?

Or maybe it looks like one of these photos:

 Someone seems to like photoshopping interiors as much as I do. 😉 They also got the dining room.

Which design came first? They must have photoshopped the pine interiors, then actually painted it white and brought the old furniture back in.

So, assuming it's now painted...

...I can go ahead and suggest this design for it instead:

If anyone should have an Hermes throw casually draped on the sofa, it's Jessica Walter.

It's also pretty easy to picture her lounging by the pool, with Lucille Bluth's preferred vodka martini in hand. (Apparently Jessica learned to make them from the late actor William Conrad. The secret is a "hachoo" of vermouth.)

In fact, Pound Ridge seems to be the place for casual draping and lounging. It's accessible only by two-lane country roads and there are no traffic lights. 

The street signs are shaped like pointing fingers.

{source unknown}

Property lots are large with deep setbacks (the listing house is on 2 acres), and 3,000 acres of Pound Ridge's 30 square miles is preserved land. 

Slopes, streams, and stone walls. 

The town is currently collecting items for a 2020 time capsule, to be buried "near the flagpole in front of the town house" and opened again in 2120. If the other town contributors are as intriguing as Jessica and her hideaway house, that's going to be one heck of a time capsule.

 The listing is here and a news article about it is here.

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