Bernie's House, North Hero, Vermont

Welcome to weekends at Bernie's, but instead of a fictitious house in the Hamptons, it's on an island on Lake Champlain.

This is Senator Bernie Sanders' 1910 summer house that he and his wife Jane bought in August, 2016. It has 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, 1,883 square feet and a one bedroom bunkhouse, on 500 feet of lake front in North Hero, Vermont.

North Hero is named for Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen, but the interiors don't remind me of Ethan Allen, despite them being renovated in 1984. 

{1984 catalog, source}

These are the listing photos from 2016; it's unknown if the interiors have been updated since. But, if it were my summer home, I'd want to update the kitchen to look a little more like this:

Sanders' house isn't on the market; it's just been a little newsworthy since the last Democratic debate. 
What's not up for debate is that it looks like a pretty perfect spot to spend a weekend. Or a summer.

More pictures are here.



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