Cedar Drive, Covina, California

According to its real estate listing, this 1926 Spanish Colonial home has "historical character, uniqueness, prestige, charisma, and plenty of room for your own imagination." Sounds a bit like it's running a political campaign.

Here is its charismatic living room, which is indeed sparking my own imagination:

I'd like to add some unique prestige to its historical character, like so:

While we're at it, let's see how we can do the same thing with the breakfast nook:

It's currently leaning a little heavier on the historical side and less on the character side, but we can fix that with another polished Kathryn Ireland design:

This 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2963 square feet home is currently in escrow, and I'm not surprised, because it's a real looker.

Covina is about 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Its name was inspired by the way the San Gabriel Mountains form a cove around the vineyards there.

It could have easily been named Orangina instead, though, because Covina was at one time the third largest orange producer in the world. (Too bad oranges don't grow on vines....)

After Covina was incorporated in 1901, the chamber of commerce held a contest to produce a slogan for the new city.  Mrs. F.E. Wolfarth won it with, appropriately, "One Mile Square and All There." I bet Mrs. Wolfarth could also write one heck of a real estate listing.

The Old House Dreams listing is here.

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