Scenic Drive, The Dalles, Oregon

This cheerful yellow 1911 Mission style house has a bit of a surprise- a linen yellow AGA cooker in the kitchen...

...but not much else. (I like that dirty dishes from the dining room can be dropped directly through a window into the sink.)

So if it were mine, I'd add a little cheerful yellow 1911 style along with some cabinets and island:

{source unknown}

Here is the dining room on the other side of the kitchen:

I'd like to give it a little historical cheerfulness too:

The Dalles is a city along the Columbia River, near the Oregon/Washington border. It's well known as  the final destination along the Oregon Trail. Any further west, the cliffs along the river proved too steep for the wagons.

{One of the best games ever.}

Dalles is a French word meaning slab or flagstone. The Columbia River flows over them and creates rapids, as Oregon Trail game players know all too well.

Our listing house is beautifully cited near the Columbia River Gorge. It backs up to a nature conservancy and has views of Washington's Mount Adams from the balcony.

{Google maps}

I think these Gold Star wildflowers must have been the perfect inspiration for our cheerful yellow house.

The Old House Dreams listing is here.

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