April Fool

It's that time of year again to celebrate all the unusual things I've found in real estate listings.  Let's start with the "I have a feeling I'm being watched"photos...

I wonder if he uses that weird little door to hide in the walls. 

This realtor in Hawaii figured simply staging the rooms with furniture didn't tell the story well enough:

I also see some good problem solving, like how to make your windows look bigger...

 ...or how to make your bed higher when bed risers alone won't cut it...

...and how to furnish a narrow space if you're an extremely skinny foosball player:

Let's wrap this up with houses that are all set for entertaining.

I'm not skilled on the guitar, but I can play the heck out of a broom:

 The dinosaur is considerately social-distancing by cooking his meals outside:

Hope that you and yours and your dinosaurs are all staying safe and healthy!


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