Courthouse Square, Goliad, Texas

See those rockers on the front porch of this old store? 

They're just calling for you to come and sit a spell. But not for too long-- we've got a store to decorate!

This is the C.T. Black building in Goliad, Texas, which originally housed Black Jewelry Store in 1905. It's on the historic courthouse square, which means this is the view from the shop windows:

This is the view from the inside of the shop windows:

A little (ok, a lot) of merchandising could make it look like this:

 Or, if you prefer a more whimsical approach:

{source unknown, source}
Flowers and hats and hats with flowers.

Upstairs is a spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment...

...with a happy green kitchen...

...and a Texas sized porch where you can keep an eye on all the doin's going on down in the square.

If you pull up a chair you might get to hear the story about how Teddy Roosevelt recruited some of his Rough Riders in that very spot.

Goliad is less than 2 hours southeast of San Antonio and was built along the San Antonio River.  It's one of the oldest towns in Texas, and is known both as the site of the 1836 Goliad Massacre during the Texas Revolution and as the Birthplace of Texas Ranching.

If you decide Goliad is the place you ought to be, Goliad Main Street offers a Facade, Sign and Paint grant to help you spiff the place up. Don't forget to keep the rocking chairs.

The listing is here.

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