Macri Lane, Walpole, New Hampshire

"...The massive houses, the giant elms, the marvelous green common..." and the perfect front porch from which to gaze at the rolling countryside.  The author James Michener was inspired by Walpole, New Hampshire, and we can be too.

This inspiring house with the perfect front porch is a five bedroom, 4 bathroom, 8,421 square foot home built around 1850 and sits on 4 pastoral acres. It also has acres of pastoral rooms.

The house's lovely floral details inspired me to find this image of Sister Parish's home (now owned by her daughter Apple) because of how well the design would work in the listing living room above.

And, because Sister Parish was known for not skimping on floral details, I'm pretty sure she would have found a way to make this bed... right at home in this bedroom:

Walpole is on the Connecticut River, 38 miles from the Massachusetts and on the New Hamspshire/Vermont border, but prides itself on being a little quaint and not easily accessible. "We're not a commuting town."

It also prides itself on its history (it's named for Sir Robert Walpole, England's first prime minister) and architecturally significant houses, which make it almost predictable that it's now home to filmmaker Ken Burns.

Louisa May Alcott also lived there for 2 years before her family settled in Concord, Massachusetts and apparently drew from memories of the "lovely place, high among the hills" for her novel Under the Lilacs.

{Walpole circa 1915, source}

A Ken Burns-esque folksy, heart-warming video about Walpole is here.

The Old House Dreams listing is here.

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