Gray Hill Road, Peterborough, New Hampshire

Today's house has a rather playful history. Settle in with your coffee, because this post is going to be as rambling as this 1790 Dutch Colonial. That's only part of it featured above-- it's actually much bigger than would fit in your Easter basket.

As you can see from this aerial shot, the house has had several additions over the years:

So while all of the house is beautiful, it does explain why some rooms look a little more 1990 than 1790...

...including the kitchen...

...and breakfast nook:

If it were mine, I'd love to see it look a little more like this:

Then I could set the table for a perfect Easter brunch, like this:

Easter dinner would be served in the below dining room and now the two rooms seem more related:

 Another significant table in this house is the one in the library...

...or maybe I should call it a study? Because, guess what? This house was once owned by George Parker, of Parker Brothers fame. Of Clue fame. 

The table in the library/study was where he drafted his games.

Anecdotally, the house inspired some of the design for the game, which explains the following rooms:

It must have been weird to look around the rooms in your house and envision them as potential crime scenes.

George Parker bought the house in 1925, when it still looked like this:

When the Parkers moved in they added elements from their previous home, the 1700 Watson-Parker house, helping to make it the 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 5769 square foot house it is today.

The current owners clearly have loved the house and grounds as much as the Parker family did, maintaining it beautifully both inside and out:

(That's Mount Monadnock in the distance.)

This Peterborough (Peter burrow) house is pretty perfect for Easter egg hunts and games of all sorts. The listing is here.

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