Kentucky Hwy 982, Cynthiana, Kentucky

Remember a few months ago when I showed a house that drew me in because of the sunlight in the front window? This 1840 Greek Revival in Kentucky has a similar appeal, but in this case it's the chandelier.

Not this one in the foyer, although it does set the stage for this house very prettily:

It was this unexpected fixture in the living room that looped its way around my heart...

...and made me want to play house:

Here is my inspiration design:

{source unknown}

I have a feeling a lot of people will want to play house in this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3059 square feet home after they see more listing photos, starting with this sweet dining room:

Wish I had found a good design match for the dining room. I'll keep working on it. Watch this space.

Same goes for these simple and charming bedrooms:

This bathroom is also simple and charming, with a fireplace to keep you cozy while you're doing your business:

 ...and a shower surround with appealingly aged bricks. They're not from 1840, but I don't think anyone will complain.

There are also fireplaces in the kitchen...

...and the sitting room...

(Finally, some pictures of horses! This home is only 25 minutes from Kentucky Horse Park, after all.) 

...and even in the attic:

The city of Cynthiana was named for the daughters of Robert Harrison, who donated the land to establish it in 1793. Good thing his daughters weren't named Gertrude and Hildegard. (Gertrugard or Hilderude just aren't quite as melodic together.)

Two civil war battles were fought here, and shortly after bourbon whiskey and burley tobacco became the city's main exports. Burley means that it's air-cured to lose it's natural sweetness-- in other words, taste more burley, I guess.

The countryside around Cynthiana looks like a quilt. Off in the distance is Lexington, (about 31 miles south) and Cincinnati, Ohio is about an hour north.

If this pretty house and its light fixtures and fireplaces drew you in like it did me, the listing is here.

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