Morningside Drive, Granite Bay, California

Some places are just really appropriately named. This is Morningside, where you can have breakfast while watching the sunlight play in your Japanese garden.

Want to take a little morning stroll through the garden before we tour the house? Let's cross the bridge over the koi pond and meander to the tea house. 

Ready to see more morning views from the inside? Let's go back to the house. We'll walk slowly.

Back where we started, the dining area is to our right...

...and the living area is to the left, on the other side of the rock fireplace.

Based on these pictures, any guesses which year the house was built? If you said 1969, you're a winner! Which brings us to the kitchen...

It just needs a little brighter Morningside, like this...

...but with richer wood finishes inspired by the original ones, like this:

The bathrooms (there are 4) also bring 1969 and good mornings to mind. One in the best way...

...and one in a 51 year old way...

...but again, I have a design update in mind:

There are also 3 bedrooms, all with beautiful garden views like this one:

Again, just to remind us of how perfectly named this Morningside house is.

Morningside is in Granite Bay, a suburb of Sacramento, and named for the granite which underlays the entire town, go figure.

Technically, it's not granite but granodiorite, an intrusive igneous rock similar to granite, but containing more plagioclase feldspar. I didn't want you you thinking that it was just ordinary granite, after all. This house is too special for that.

The house overlooks Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, captured here on another beautiful morning.

If you're thinking your name would be perfectly appropriate with this house's address, the listing and more garden pictures are here.

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