2nd Avenue, Hickory, North Carolina

Maybe I should have saved this post for Christmas, because inside this 1923 green bungalow is a very cheerful red kitchen...

...with a cozy breakfast nook, that's maybe just a little too cozy. I can't picture Santa getting comfortable with his cookies in there.

I can however picture Mrs. Claus in the peaceful and pretty pantry it could be instead:

{source unknown}

The only trouble is, once Mrs. Claus got this pantry, she'd be asking for another present. "Honey, I know you're Santa and all, but that doesn't mean that EVERYTHING has to be in red."

Yep, she'd use that pantry as a jumping off point and turn the rest of the kitchen from this...

...to this:


It doesn't seem such a stretch that she'd get her Christmas wish, either. After all, this (3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,460 square feet) house is in Hickory, North Carolina. Hickory is "for doers and crafters."

It's also synonymous with furniture making, thanks to its forest setting (hence the name) and early settlers' good old-fashioned "wagon-making know-how."

Hickory gets pretty good press, consistently making "Best City to Live" and "Great Place to Retire" lists. 

What better place to live a "Life. Well crafted" than in a cheerful Craftsman. Put it on your Christmas list.  The listing is here.

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