Napoleon Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Gingerbread trim, ornate keyholes and antique library ladders-- this 1890 charmer in Baton Rouge is all about the details.

I like the way you stage your photos, Adam Pitts of Ascend Real Estate Group. Who can resist seeing what's behind that peep through the keyhole? 

This house is zoned to be either a home or a workplace, and most recently served as an attorney's office, hence that wonderful library. An office building also makes a lot of sense with the hallway as it is...

...but this pretty little room...

...wants to bring some touches of home into the office:

Here's my quick mash-up:

This 4 bedroom, 1 bath home (or office) is 2,154 square feet and is in the heart of the Beauregard Town Historic District, the second-oldest neighborhood in Baton Rouge.

Back in 1806, Elias Toutant Beauregard had some pretty fancy plans for this area:

{source} (Napoleon Street runs along the top of the center rectangle.)

Beauregard envisioned an epic European style city center, with a central plaza and formal gardens, and grandly named his streets after rulers, countries, bishops, and of course, himself.

His plans never achieved full fruition, but some of his original layout is still visible today:

{Google Earth} 

(See the X-intersecting streets?) The Mississippi River is in the wrong place on both of those maps, though. In reality, it's to the West.

Beauregard was all about the details, much like our listing house. In my research I found an artist who appreciates its details as well:

The listing is here.

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