County Road 41, Alcade, New Mexico

Sitting on a hill overlooking the Los Luceros Historic site and with the Rio Grande flowing just below, this adobe ranch home in Alcade, New Mexico is surrounded by history.

Different sources offer different dates as to when the home was built-- some say as early as 1750 or 1800, but most simply agree that it's over 100 years old.

It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath in 2,700 square feet, and offers the kind of details you'd expect in a traditional pueblo hacienda.

There's also a few things you wouldn't expect, but appreciate all the same, like skylights.

It was this room that intrigued me the most... I decided to virtually stage it as a dining room:

I think I was a little influenced by this room at the nearby historic site:

I also liked the kiva fireplace in this bedroom...

Wouldn't it look cute with these details?

Or even this adorable alcove?

Speaking of little alcoves, the property also includes this "horno" oven for baking fry bread:

Those nearby mountains are the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.

The house's proximity to the Los Luceros Historic site means that it was probably once a part of it. Since 2008, the state now owns 148 acres that include a 19th century hacienda and carriage house, a chapel, and a Victorian-era bungalow (and beautiful trees).

Archeologists have found artifacts there dating back to a Pueblo settlement around the year 1200, as well as pottery dating from 1625 through the 1900's. Los Luceros has always been a pretty popular area to live, apparently.

If you find yourself drawn to this picturesque area like so many others were before you, the listing is here.

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