Fisher Branch Road, Marshall, North Carolina


Is it hot where you are? How does a summertime escape with plenty of cool mountain breezes sound? Come on up to the house and have a seat on the porch. The boys are down at the barn, they'll be back soon. 

Here on Fisher Branch Road, we rise early to get our work done, then rest in the quiet shade of the afternoon. Evenings are lazy card games. Can't see the moon for the trees. 

Stick around awhile and we'll show you our secret swimming hole out near West Fork Bull Creek. You can hike nearby Zade Knob and the Walnut Mountains, which sounds like a band that would play the kind of banjo/folk music we like around here.

We're sitting pretty here in terms of location. It's 33 minutes to the Pisgah National Forest and about the same to Asheville, in the other direction. 

You know, everyone makes a big deal about the Biltmore House there in Asheville and they didn't even start building it until 1889. Opened it at Christmas, 1895. Our house, it was built in 1877. 

Of course, Biltmore House is on 8,000 acres (back in the day, it was 125,000) and we're on 41.75, but that still gives you plenty of room for whatever you need to get up to.

The lucky horseshoes come with the place. It looks a little plain now, unfurnished...

...but there's some good decorating inspiration out there for it:

We've got 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in 1,754 square feet. The bedrooms look like this...

...but have the potential to look like this:

Not sure if you'll want the man in the painting watching while you sleep, but otherwise, this design gets a big yes. It's both folk and Victorian, just like the rest of the house. 

Speaking of Victorian, it's inevitable that you'll end up checking out Biltmore while you're here (they've re-opened with safety measures in place) and it's definitely worth it. In the meantime, there's also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy around Marshall.

{source}It's "one street wide and a mile long" full of galleries and shops, and adjacent to the French Broad River which offers opportunities for water sports (and awesome photos). The river is older than the mountains around it. It's the third oldest river in the world. How they know that, I don't know, but that's pretty cool.

All I know is, it and our listing house look like an ideal summertime escape to enjoy cool mountain breezes and socially distance at the same time.


The Old House Dreams listing is here. I also want to give a shout-out to Joni at Cote de Texas for what proved to be a perfectly timely post for me about designer Grace Kaynor and beautiful Southern homes. 

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