Guard Hill Road, Bedford, New York


Perhaps like you, I've been watching Martha Knows Best.  It's set at her house Cantitoe Corners in Bedford, New York, on something like a gazillion acres with orchards and stables and guesthouses and barns and a gym....  I daydream about being her neighbor and peeking down her garden paths while I'm out on a morning jog. (Never mind that I'm not a jogger.)  

Actually it's 153 acres, so we wouldn't be close neighbors, but still, I found the perfect house nearby to virtually move into. It's a 1928 stone and clapboard beauty on its own 2 acres (don't laugh, Martha). It has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in 6,850 square feet.

Here's the stone side of the house. Would Martha approve of the ivy growing up the chimney? Probably not.

She would definitely approve of these trees, though. I hope they'd make her a teeny bit jealous.

Here's the pool area...

...and the terrace with plenty of potential for plants:

Come inside to the light and bright foyer and living room:

Ok, now here's where Martha and I would differ. Her home's color palette is in 14 shades of green and brown inspired by a Brazilian Tun shell. (I'm not making that up.) My palette will be a little simpler:

Patrick Ahearn is one of America's top classical architects, based out of Boston and Martha's Vineyard. I'm pretty sure Martha will support us using his rooms for inspiration, both in the living room and in this cozy family/keeping room off of the kitchen:

Here's the kitchen, with it's cute butler's pantry tucked around the corner:

Let's continue our tour with the breezeway and some bedrooms and baths:

There's even a closet with enough tucked away storage to impress Martha.

And, best of all, there's a room at the tippety-top of the house that's all set to become a mega craft studio:

Our inspiration is (one of) Martha's own craft studio(s)! I photoshopped out the stairs so you could see it better. Maybe if I'm lucky and Martha likes my house changes, she'll come over and craft with me. 

We'll get along so well that she'll gift me with log stools for seating around my fire pit and perfectly stencil my initial on their tops. If that idea appeals to you as more than just a daydream, the listing is here.

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