Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia


The people selling this 1924 Mediterranean style mansion in Richmond, Virginia seem to have thought of everything. Curb appeal? Check. 

Beautiful private courtyard? Check.

Living room just as magazine gorgeous as Mark D. Sikes' 2016 Southern Living Showhouse living room? 

Check. (Below is Mark's design. I'll tell you about the ceiling medallion above in a minute.)

And, wasn't it thoughtful of them, they saved this Tiffany blue bedroom for me to virtually decorate?

I know just which design to use!

Here's the rest of this 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 7,224 square feet dream home. Enjoy looking around!

The house's original owners were just as thoughtful as the current ones. In 1922, J. Scott Parrish and his wife went on an extended tour of the Mediterranean, and when they returned, they commissioned the work of the architect who could be called Mr. Monument Avenue, William Lawrence Bottomley. He was mostly known for Colonial Revivals, but he knew just how to incorporate the Parrish's vacation inspiration.


Monument Avenue itself was created not only for these monumental houses, but as a grand avenue extending off a monument of General Robert E. Lee, lined with trees along a grassy central median. 3 other confederate statues were placed along the avenue and were removed in July, 2020. The avenue also memorializes hometown tennis legend Arthur Ashe. 

Lastly, on to the house's own monument- the living room medallion. I found some older photos of the house, and one had a clearer picture of it. 'Aimer et harder son foyer' translates to 'love and keep your home'. Pretty thoughtful touch.

Thought you might like to see the former decorating, too, because if you've read this far, you're clearly into old houses as much as I am. The listing for this one is here.

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