House Updates 3 -- Maple Tree Road, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Today's house is one I featured in 2014. Now that it's back on the market, let's check out the changes.

Some houses seem to have a seasonality about them.  Some might have a coastal blue and white, summery vibe. Others might look their best in winter whites and have a front window that just seems made to showcase a Christmas tree. 

Maple Tree Road in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin has a late summer, early fall house. 

Back when I first wrote about it, I thought Egg Harbor would produce an Easter-themed post, but I was mistaken. It went all autumnal on me:

Now the house is on the market again, giving us updated interior pictures.  Did the 2014 buyers think it looked like a summery/fall house too?

Looks like it. Berries and quilts bring on the fall.  Let's compare the rest of the house to the changes I suggested for it. 

I wanted to cozy up the living room and suggested squishy sofas. 

{Pottery Barn}

The new homeowners cozied it up, too. The painted floor is very pretty:

In the kitchen, I liked the dark countertops, and suggested changing the hardware and sink to coordinate:

The new homeowners changed the countertops along with the hardware and went for a gooseneck faucet like in my inspiration photo. They also painted the floors a perfect farmhouse fall green:

In the bedroom, I just wanted to see some flowers and pillows...

{source unknown}

...and flowered pillows in the window perch...

{Kevin Harris}

...and so did the new homeowners:

"There are many conflicting stories about the name Egg Harbor.  Some say it was named after a nest of eggs found on the shore by Door County's first settler.  Others say it received its name because seagulls nested along the shore and one could gather a basket of eggs from their nests.

A more appealing story is told in the Door County Advocate of April 26, 1862. The story indicates that three or four Mackinac boats left Green Bay to deliver furs to the trading post on Mackinac Island.  The boats stopped at the yet unnamed harbor to rest for the night.  While rowing ashore there was a race to see who would reach the shore first.  Food from the mess baskets was thrown at the leading boat and food quickly returned.  First, hard tack was the missile of choice, but soon eggs flew through the air.  When the boats reached the shore, the battle continued until the eggs were gone.  Everyone enjoyed the fun and the story of the battle which was often repeated by the voyagers.  The harbor was then identified as Egg Harbor." source


At least we know the origins of the name Maple Tree Road:

My original post is here. The listing is here. An article that will make you plan a driving tour of Door County to see the changing leaves is here.

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