The Beehive, Perthshire, Scotland


Fowlis Wester in Perthshire, Scotland, is one of those perfect little villages where nothing much changes over time. 

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In the heart of the village is the ancient Pictish cross and the slightly more recent 19th century post office, or as it's Categorically Listed, a "simple single-storey rubble domestic with attics...and the Standard K6 telephone kiosk. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, 1935."

Just beyond them rests St. Bean Kirk...

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...and just beyond it is an ancient, possibly Druid, stone circle and cairn.

Houses in the village often have names, like Blenkiron, Easter Cottage...

...or in our case, The Beehive:

The Beehive is the kind of cottage you wander around to appreciate the details, like the worn stone steps and arched windows.

You can just imagine all the stories that have been told by the fire in this timeless drawing room:

The dining room has that traditional open floor plan to the drawing room that you'd expect to find:

And the eat-in kitchen has the original 19th century pot lights and stainless vent hood:

Ok, you got me. The Beehive is only 20 years old, not 200, but it still has lots of timeless details to enjoy, like this gorgeous garden room:

Or, rather, it could and should be gorgeous:

What's a Beehive garden room without a beehive shaped vintage aviary? (And plants, but I digress...)

The Beehive is 2,088 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 

It also has perfect and timeless village scenery:

If this looks like a place you'd like to bee, the listing is here.

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