Captains Quarters Road, Prospect, Kentucky

Decorating with a theme can sometimes go a little overboard, but when you're living in a home inspired by a lighthouse and on Captain's Quarters Road, you're allowed a certain amount of leeway.

You can hang lanterns next to a boat-shaped bookcase in your bunk room...

...mount a whimsical mirror shaped like sunglasses in your bathroom...

...and indulge in a sink hugging octopus:

When you have an octopus sink under a rope mirror, you're pretty much committed to a nautical look. There's no going back. 

That's why the view from the foyer seems like it's not living up to its full potential:

It needs more of a vista on the end wall behind the stairs:

{source unknown}

The living room and kitchen are to the right of the stairs, branching off of a corner fireplace.

There are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths in this 2,200 square feet home, with an unfinished attic that could be turned into a living space. This place is bigger than it looks! 

This shower alone lets you walk laps while you're scrubbing:

Speaking of exercise, that brings us to the stairs to reach the front door. Don't worry, there's also an elevator behind that red door:

There's an elevator but nothing else, which seems like another missed opportunity:

You know how I am about missed opportunities. I want to decorate them:

In this case I'd want red upholstery, to match the home's red roof:

The home has a great spot along the Ohio River, with a view of the Lewis and Clark bridge and Indiana just across the way:

It was modeled after the Thomas Point Lighthouse in Maryland, which was built in 1875:

The Captain's Quarters house was only built in 2006, but as awesome as it is, I'm sure it'll be around for another 131 years, too!

The listing is here

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