Beaver Run, Holly, Michigan


This home in Holly, Michigan actually may or may not look the way it's being pictured. It's still being built! Like most houses in new additions, the builder offers a basic look...

...but there's still time to customize this home and make it a little less basic, (and Christmasy!) like this:

The home is 2,200 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

I just wanted to enjoy a shot of a perfectly pristine garage.

Holly, Michigan is definitely the place for holidays.

They're a "Main Street Community" "Up North in Oakland County" (50 miles north of Detroit and an hour east of Lansing). When they're not restricted by a pandemic, this Main Street community is busy planning festivals. 

There's the 7 week long Renaissance Festival spread over 17 acres, the Holly-ween Festival of course, and the oldest and longest running Dickens Festival in the United States, held on 3 consecutive weekends. It concludes with appropriately named races --"Run like the Dickens" and the "Tiny Tim Trot."

The village was named in 1838 after Mount Holly, New Jersey, and Holly-ites? Holly-ers? like to think that maybe the abundance of the pretty Michigan holly was an equal inspiration for the name.

It seems there's plenty of inspiration in Holly to create the perfect home. The listing is here.

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