Goetchius House, Columbus, Georgia

The 1839 Goetchius House in Columbus, Georgia has been called a musical chairs house. It has changed owners, changed purposes, and even changed locations.

In 1951 it was still at its original site on 2nd Avenue, and a local author wrote of it: "With wide veranda across the front and wrought-iron lacework forming the balustrade, and an overhanging canopy of the same black iron lace, it is a thing of beauty."

Since 1969 it has been on Broadway, right next to the Oglethorpe Bridge on the Chattahoochee. But it's still a thing of beauty:

And at Christmastime, it could be even more beautiful:

When the house was relocated it became the Goetchius House Restaurant.

The house still retains many of its original features. Well, maybe not the "Pay Box" sign:

The parlors were well suited to become dining rooms and were named Oglethorpe, Forsyth, McIntosh, Troup and Jackson- for Georgia governors and other political leaders. 

When it was a restaurant, I imagine Christmases looked something like this:

If it were to become a residence again, I imagine Christmas could look like this...

...with a little help from designer Timothy Corrigan

The house's front exterior belies its size. It's 8,562 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. 

A lot of the square footage is in the basement, which was created as a more casual bar and dining area and furnished with antique woodwork.

The back of the house gives a better sense of its size:

The fountain was moved from the courthouse grounds in 1972. More musical chairs.

The Goetchiuses were Richard and Mary Anne. Richard was an architect and builder who was inspired by New Orleans architecture.

I think they'd be pleased that their beautiful house is now in the Columbus Historic District...

...and that a later owner's wooden railings have once again become lacework.

As far as the musical chairs analogy goes, even though Goetchius House has seen a lot of changes, there's always been a seat for everyone and I'm pretty sure its melody will keep on going.

Wait a minute.

That's better.  The Old House Dreams link is here. The Zillow link is here

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