Bratton Street, Winnsboro, South Carolina

I like this house, but it confuses me. The listing realtor called this 1890's Southern beauty the Doty House, but it's not the only Doty House. Turns out there are a lot of Dotys and a lot of grand white houses in Winnsboro, South Carolina.

But back to this Doty House. 

I'll venture to say that this house has the coolest front doors.

Is that ceiling damage or beadboard in the hall?

I do know that this living room has a wonderful, warm feeling to it, but I have more questions.

Wouldn't it be fun to furnish this room like this instead?

Also, are these next two pictures of the same room? I really need a virtual tour or detailed floorplan here.

What are these rooms? See, I told you this house confuses me.

This green room has a closet. Is it the main bedroom or maybe an office?

The kitchen and butler's pantry, I get. And I like them.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms in 4,749 square feet.

Fireplaces in all the bedrooms and deep clawfoot tubs perfectly positioned to enjoy the views (without the faucet digging into your back, as an Old House Dreams commenter pointed out) make this a house to linger in. So does the large screened-in porch:

Yep, there's plenty of good places to ponder what the rooms are for, how you would furnish them, and, most importantly, which tub do you want for a soak.

Winnsboro can claim "General Cornwallis slept here" during the Revolutionary War. A story has it that Patriot General Richard Winn and his brothers John and Minor (seems there were as many Winns as there are Dotys) attempted to capture Cornwallis during his winter stay in 1780. They were captured instead, but apparently were pardoned and released by Cornwallis. 

Richard Winn, of course, was the original landowner who put the Winn in Winnsboro.  He was coincidentally buried in Winnsborough, Tennessee. Now I need to find out if the John Winn behind the name of Winnsboro, Texas is Richard Winn's brother. I have to stop letting these houses confuse me.

The Old House Dreams listing is here.

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