Anglars-Nozac, France


I love reading French real estate listings that start like these, especially right before Valentine's Day:
Exceptional 17th Century Chateau Estate Including Forest, Meadow...
13th Century Castle Located in Outstanding Natural Alpine...
15th Century Normandy Castle with Moat and 11 Hectares
.... You get the idea.

This one reads: At the Entrance to the Village, Near the Castle, a Pretty House to Renovate. Maybe it's a little less grand, but it still makes you want to know the rest of the story.

At the entrance to the village:

Near the castle:

A pretty house to renovate:

It already has that layered and collected-over-the-centuries look. But guess what? It was built in 1950.

It has 1,937 square feet (180 meters) and three floors. On the first floor is this cozy living room...

...that needs a few more romantic red, collected-over-time layers, like this:

Pretty nice of them to already have a warming pan to the left of the fire, just like the one in our 'before' image. It's like they knew I was coming.

The house has 4 bedrooms and "0 bath/shower rooms." Well, they did tell us it needed to be renovated. As they say in the listing, it is "a project of character." Lots of luxurious, velvet character:

Here in the garden we could tame a little of that character...

...while still keeping it a place where you want to get lost:

The listing only had 7 photos, which I've found is pretty common for international listings. (They also don't provide addresses.) Even though it makes blogging about them harder, I appreciate that. You either like what you see or you don't. Let's not waste anyone's time here.

Besides, the agents must figure that their beautiful prose is enough to sell the property. The Exceptional Listing for this Historic Chateau in the Making is here.

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