April Fool


It's time to celebrate the unusual things I've come across in real estate listings this year. The 'glass is half full' house above is in Holly, Michigan.

Bringing new meaning to penny tile is this floor made of actual pennies in a house with a "million dollar view" in Ozark, Arkansas:

This next home in Chariton, Iowa is presented by Red Haw Realty... only I'm not sure exactly what it is they're presenting.

Same house:

I'm not sure this water heater placement is up to code:

If the protruding hot pipe on the water heater makes me nervous, the dangling TV cords over the crib in this Madison, Indiana house have me downright terrified: 

So does their toddler bed next to the open stairs. Hopefully these people will move to a safer lifestyle:

I also found listing photos with creative DIY projects, like this Dubuque, Iowa vanity:

And the porch ceiling and front doors on this house in Crete, Illinois:

Some of these houses really make me appreciate this saying in this Applegate, Michigan kitchen:

"Finish each day and be done with it." Sound advice to mull over while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. 

I think the owners of some of these houses spent a little too much time in pandemic lockdown. 

If you've been saving your pennies for the million dollar view house (a pretty 1926 Victorian style on the Arkansas River), the listing is here.

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