Beaton Street, Corsicana, Texas


This Corsicana cottage is a diamond in the rough. It was built in 1920. By then, Corsicana, Texas was already a oil boom town

Lyman T. Davis's Wolf Brand Chili had gotten so famous that he could stop selling it out of his wagon for five cents a bowl and start promoting that it was now canned.

(I guess you could call this his Corsicana Can Car. Say that five times fast. Lyman's pet wolf Kaiser Bill would travel in the cage on the back.)

And, in 1920, Gustav Stickley's The Craftsman magazine was promoting economical bungalows like this one, with diamond-leaded panes, arched front doors, and shingle-covered eaves. "Good results on a comparatively small expenditure."

As I said, this one is a diamond in the rough, but with some expenditure it could yield good results:

The hide rug seemed appropriate to a Texas cottage. Similarly, in the dining room...

...what could be more appropriate than a chandelier that is reminiscent of a Texas long horn?

{Nikie Barfield, via}

The original 1920 kitchen and breakfast nook have barely been touched over the years:

The house has 1,240 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.

With a little love, this cottage would be a charming starter home. Corsicana is located about 60 miles south of Dallas. Like the TV show Home Town Takeover, Corsicana is revitalizing its downtown, investing in small businesses and focusing on Main Street and murals.

Thanks to all the murals, you can learn Corsicana history at a glance. If you want to own a little bit of it, the Old House Dreams listing is here.

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