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Hollywood loves a good story. In this case it's the story of Jane Austen's windows in a storybook house between Laurel Canyon and the Sunset Strip. 

Back in 2004, when a screenwriter bought this 1929 English Tudor house, it looked like this:

{Google maps, 2019}

Over the years he got it ready for its closeup, starting with the front door-- or in this case, the garage doors:

Comparing this to the before photo, you can see that he also replaced the decorative trim along the eaves, terraced the hillside slope, and gave it a classic Tudor paint scheme. 

He also found a period appropriate front door:

But the story only begins on the exterior, because inside are lots of conversational details, like the foyer rock garden and window seat. The rock garden seems more of a Hollywood touch than a Tudor touch, but the living room gets us back on track.

The living room's oak mantel is apparently a 15th century beam "rescued" from a royal hunting lodge:

The house is spread out over four stories, and the dining room is on the second floor. Its fireplace mantel and surround are made of Derbyshire stone, and the windows -- not sure which ones -- are the ones said to be from Jane Austen's study:

Here is Jane Austen's house in Chawton, if you want to study the windows for comparison:

I suppose it is possible that they were also rescued, because it seems that leaky windows at Chawton often need replacing. Maybe royal beams do too.

A more recent vintage fixture is this O'Keefe and Merritt "Town and Country" stove:

The house has 1,811 square feet, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

As if the house didn't have enough noteworthy and adorable features (like those built-in beds), it also has a separate one room studio, known as the dollhouse:

If it were mine, the dollhouse would look a little more like something Jane Austen would play with:

The home is on a double lot, which, together with its terrace levels, provides lots of cozy seating areas:

The listing is here. Compare windows with a tour of Jane Austen's house here.

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