Cottage Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio


This 1860 cottage on Cottage Street in Chagrin Falls, Ohio is sitting pretty. 

From the porch we get a view of the village and the Chagrin River below. In other words, this:

Or, slightly more recently, this, from the back cover of The Essential Calvin and Hobbes by resident Bill Watterson:

Unlike others inspired by the colors of the village, (including the guy who invented Life Savers) this cottage has the feel of an art gallery:

The treetop views serve as its artwork, so the cottage doesn't need a lot of embellishment. It does however need a cute place to set your keys and jacket, like this:

It also needs a couple nautical nods to the Chagrin Falls waterfalls:

The cottage is 1,815 square feet, with a galley kitchen and 2 bedrooms and bathrooms.

If it were mine, I'd pick this bedroom, and furnish it in keeping with that treetop art gallery feel:

There's also an attic room that probably has the best views of all.

Or maybe it looks like this:

One of those buildings is the Chagrin Falls Valley Art Center.  They probably have art gallery white walls like our cottage, but I'm not sure if they display anything by Bill Watterson or not. (Or sell Life Savers.)

The listing is here.

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