Richard Gere's house, Pound Ridge, New York

Actor Richard Gere is perhaps best known for spending a lot of money to turn something ordinary into something fantastic. 

But, like his co-star in Pretty Woman, his Pound Ridge, New York compound that came on the market this week was pretty pretty to start with. 

Gere bought the property in 1986 for $1.51 million and over time expanded it to 48 acres. It also borders more than 4,000 acres of protected land. In the year 2000 he built a 11,658 square foot home on the site.

The compound also includes guest accommodations, 

horse accomodations, 

...and of course, a pool.

Let's return to the owner accommodations, where lounging is encouraged:

If it were mine, I'd also lounge right in front of the fireplace:

{inspired by Barry Dixon}

The listing also features the den, kitchen, and dining room... well as two of the eight bedrooms and one of the eight bathrooms:

If it were mine, I'd have designer Barry Dixon as one of my phone favorites, especially to turn this bedroom into this:

Prior to creating this compound, Gere had a similar home on North Haven, Long Island. It was built in 1902 and known as Strongheart Manor. It's another example of how he turned a duckling into a swan:

What's reassuring is that he seems to live just like the rest of us, only in more rooms.

And with more houses. In addition to his "relais and chateau" restaurant and hotel, the Bedford Post Inn... his current project, a house in North Salem, New York he bought in January last year. He also bought neighboring land to expand the site to 35 acres. 

And, just like his other projects, it has a great starting point. This is Northshire, a 9,000 square feet beauty built in 1934 for Richard W. Woolworth. But I think this time, the duckling is already a swan:

More photos of Northshire are here and here. Strongheart Manor is here. The Pound Ridge house listing is here, and more details about it are here.

Speaking of Pound Ridge...

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