Lowenhaupt-Simonton House, Main Street, Covington, Tennessee


In a nod to President's Day, let's visit Covington, Tennessee, where Presidents James K. Polk and Bill Clinton once gave speeches. (Not at the same time.) Covington's city website declares, "Our citizens love our politics and barbecues...where thousands enjoy the taste and aroma of hickory smoked delicacies and greeting politicians." There's just nothing like the aroma of a greeting politician. 

If those are the aromas you prefer, I've found the perfect house where you can enjoy them as a citizen, right on Main Street. It's a beautiful French Colonial built around 1879. Let's take a look inside:

I've also found the perfect designer to pair with this house.

Amelia Handegan's designs for an 18th century Virginia estate would look equally at home in this historic house. I'll scatter in a few of her photos as "after" possibilities for relevant rooms.

The Lowenhaupt-Simonton house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms in 3,200 square feet.

There's also a mini wine cellar tucked among all the basement's new HVAC ductwork and plumbing.

Outside is wonderful wrap around porch:

If it were mine, I'd turn the porch into a place where to appreciate a bust of a favorite politician along with some breakfast barbecue:

The Lowenhaupt-Simonton House was named for Jacob Lowenhaut. He operated a riverboat on the nearby Mississippi River and wanted his house to resemble some of the grand homes he admired along the shores. His home is now part of Covington's South Main Historic District, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Equally historically, Covington hosts the "World's Oldest Bar-B-Que Cooking Contest." This year marks its 50th Anniversary. (Their sense of humor must be like mine.)  I don't know which politicians will be there, but here's hoping they smell good.

If you want to enjoy politics and barbecue, the Old House Dreams listing is here.

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