Chipmunk Place, Drake, Colorado

When driving through Drake, Colorado, it's advisable to keep an eye out for bighorn sheep, because they're very common in the area. 

It's also good to keep an eye out for chipmunks. This contemporary cabin at 123 Chipmunk Place offers the perfect spot to watch wildlife both big and small.

This 636 square foot cabin is as cute as its address. While most of my blog tours are long enough to settle in with a cup of coffee -- this one is more like a little espresso shot.

Originally built in 1977, this little house has been completely renovated, from its trendy black exterior to its zesty green front door.

The renovations also seem to include the knotty pine wall paneling, because as you'll see, there are places that appear patched. With that in mind, I'm drawn to this lighter look for it:

The effect could be something like this:

If we tuck a table next to the refrigerator, that means the couch will go by the pantry.

A closer shot:

It could look something like this (and now this picture has me considering painting the paneling blue):

Rounding out the first floor is a closet and bath structure.

Standing in the kitchen gives us the 360 degree view of the space:

Finally, here is the loft bedroom, with its fantastic view of Storm Mountain:

If it were mine, it would look like this, because I probably wouldn't paint the walls blue after all and my husband would want to keep the natural pine.

{source unknown}

One more suggestion, just because it's Chipmunk Place, after all.

"The relaxing, un-incorporated town of Drake is set in picturesque Big Thompson Canyon between Loveland and Estes Park where an abundance of wildlife is found. It's a gateway town to Rocky Mountain National Park and has a small-town appeal." {source}

Drake was originally just a stagecoach stop between Loveland and Estes Park, until it became a mini wildlife viewing destination in its own right. 

The cabin is close enough to Cedar Springs Reservoir for "fishing, swimming, or just getting a sunburn" ...and maybe taking out a sailboat? Watch out for the bighorn sheep when you go.

The listing is here.

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