April Fool

Every year as April first approaches, I wonder if I have enough saved material to do an April Fool's post of unusual things I've found in real estate listings. This year, as usual, the listings did not let me down.

Nor did the people behind them, like this man who apparently hasn't bought into the idea of selling his house.

This historic house in Kansas City, Missouri, on the other hand, is in shipshape condition and ready to be admired...wait for it...


Just watch out for that lamp cord when you have a seat in the kitchen:

This house is Mapleton, Ontario, Canada is also shipshape...

...and jungle shaped...

and Seuss-shaped:

Sometimes it isn't the house that's unusual, it's the realtor. This one decided aerial views were the best angle:

Neither the stepstool nor the cat tower were tall enough to provide the best camera vantage point.

Speaking of camera angles, looking up at this Eat sign makes it look like it's sending another message:

Finally, unlike the dejected guy in the first photo, this Marlboro Man is eager to show you the flavor country of South Dakota along with his house.

Happy April! Now I can start collecting photos for next year's edition, although I think this year will be tough to beat.

sources: 1st photo, Westfield, IN; 2. Deadwood, SD; 3. Kansas City, MO; 4. Mapleton, Ontario; 5. Monticello, IN; 6. Craigslist listing 7. Nemo, SD

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