Silver Hill Road, Bryan, Texas


A quonset hut is a half-round structure built of galvanized steel or iron. The U.S. Navy used them for their troops during WWII because they were lightweight, easy to ship and assemble, but also very strong. 

Plus, in the right setting, they just look really cool.

This compound on 62 acres in Bryan, Texas is the right setting. 

There's also a more traditional three bedroom, three bathroom house on the property. The listing refers to it as the guesthouse.

Why is it considered the guesthouse while the one bedroom, two bathroom quonset hut is the main residence? Because the quonset hut looks like this inside:

It has a towering electric fireplace, walnut ceilings (when they're not corrugated metal), and polished concrete floors.

There are four custom chandeliers on pulleys in that wide dining room with a view of the pool.

There's 5,200 square feet of perfectly designed, open floor plan living. It was constructed in 2017.

This is just the beverage kitchen:

The working kitchen has double Viking ranges, a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer, and a farmhouse (farm-hut?) sink. 

The master bedroom has that same attention to large details:

The bathtub in the master suite is hand-chiseled, just to add to its whole bathing-outside-in-a-natural-rock-basin vibe that's going on.

Even the powder room is pretty:

All in all, there is nothing "hut-like" about this quonset. That's why when you get to the upper level, it kind of falls flat.

If it were mine, I'd give it some of the luxury details that we've seen everywhere else:

This design really echoes the one in the bedroom, and that got me thinking. What if we made this a second bedroom instead? It could look like this:

It's even the same type of bed as the one downstairs. I love doing this.

Here's a view of the house from the back...

the side...

the top...

and the best view of all, the one featuring the wrap-around pool:

There's also a 4,000 square feet barn that matches the house, next to the ranch foreman's cabin:

Bryan, Texas is named after William Joel Bryan, a nephew of "Father of Texas" Stephen Austin (possibly also known as the Uncle of Texas).

Not only is Bryan conveniently close to Texas A&M University and the Brazos River, it's also in the Texas Triangle. That means it's less than a three hour drive to Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

Bryan is a destination in its own right, though. Their city website is brimming with images of farmer's markets, mouth-watering restaurant dishes, and karaoke microphones. Also, pictures of cowboy hats. 
Speaking of photos, it's a little odd that the real estate listing doesn't include photos or details of the 2,627 square feet guesthouse, other than to mention it along with the outbuildings. I guess they figure if this spectacular quonset hut doesn't sell you on the property, nothing else will. Like Bryan, it's a destination in its own right.

The listing is here.

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