Rothenhoff Manor, Porta Westfalica, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

By any chance are you looking for a "unique historical stud with a classical manor house"? 

I came across those words in this real estate listing and immediately thought they meant any movie starring Colin Firth.

But perhaps I should have pictured Michael Fassbender instead, because this is a unique historical German stud.

All joking aside, Rothenhoff Manor, or Gutshof Rothenhoff, is a horse farm that has entertained the likes of Princess Margaret, Prince Philip, and President Eisenhower. It hasn't always been a stud farm, though. In fact, the current owner is hoping that it can be used as one in the future, to better preserve the buildings and grounds.

Rothenhoff has always been a pretty desirable property. It's been around since at least 1230, and became a prize after the many wars since then. Over the years, it's had Swedish, French, Prussian, and British owners, with Napoleon himself handing over the keys to a favored general.

It wasn't until about 1863 when it finally had a German owner that it began to look the way it does today. He decided to make the manor look Italian and the grounds resemble an English park.

{circa 1860, source}

At one time the grounds were 300 hectares (741 acres), but today it has approximately 55- 70 (135- 173 acres).

It's lost a little of the splendor it had when it was furnished with fine antiques and Chinese silk wallpaper, but it's still quite bright and beautiful:

If it were mine, the yellow room would look like this:

The red room...

would become a green room...

in order to look like this:

And the citrine salon...

would be splendid once again:

Notice the geese by the door above?  They'll fit right in with the llamas and any other studs that already live at the manor house.

They have some pretty nifty digs of their own:

And a view that goes on for miles kilometers:

To the north is the Mittlerer See (Lake Mittlerer) and Wittekind Castle:

Above them on the Wiehen Hills is the Kaiser Wilhelm monument overlooking the town of Porta Westfalica:

It's a fitting setting for a classical manor house, still a prize for its next fortunate owner.

A German news story about the manor is here. A more thorough history is here. The listing is here.

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