Cairo, Egypt


Rich, romantic, and beautiful. That certainly describes this exquisite, Moroccan-influenced home in Cairo, Egypt... if it were yours.  If it were mine, I would enjoy living in this palatial house, but I might make at least one change. See if you can guess it by looking at these pictures. 

That's a lot of red. There's also an abundance of terra cotta:

I want to give this home a romantic re-set, starting with the exterior:

From there, I'd bring this softer design into the foyer:

This design fits right in with the (less comprehensively red) existing layers of colors and textures in the main living areas:

If it were mine, I'd re-set this den, too, to look like this:

There are four bedrooms and five bathrooms in this 7,319 square feet villa.

This bedroom could use a bit more romance too, like this:

{Palmer Weiss (with Katie Ridder wallpaper)}

We don't normally talk about toilets, but I appreciate that this one is not red. 

The exterior features fountains,

a bar,

and a wonderful, long lounging bench...

that overlooks the pool:

The house is said to have a commanding view of the Great Pyramids of Giza, about 30 minutes to the east. 

Here's a simpler version of the above map:

People tend to picture the pyramids in the middle of a vast desert, but in reality, they're surrounded on three sides by the city of Giza. You have to be strategic to get the best photo.

If your strategy is to live in a monument that stands the test of time, the listing is here.

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