Nørregade, Tune, Denmark


The town of Tune in Denmark is best known for its airport. It's a nice airport. It's an auxiliary airport for Copenhagen, which is about 26 kilometers away.

But don't worry; this won't be an "if it were my airport terminal" story. Tune became known to me because a vlogger I follow co-hosted a miniatures workshop there, called Miniature in Tune.

This is the Tune Kursuscenter, and it looks like a great place to retreat.

So does the town itself. This is Tune Kirke:

and the florist across the way:

And just down the street is an equally cute little peach house that just happens to be for sale.

It also used to be the Tune schoolhouse. It was built around 1902 with "good and robust materials."

It was also built with a lot of charm, and furnished accordingly:

Upstairs are three bedrooms. The house is 109 square meters, or 1,173 square feet.

If it were mine, I'd be making things for this little house, when I wasn't creating things for even smaller houses at the miniatures workshop. This bedroom could look like this:

(Or should it have a green dresser and brass bed? I couldn't decide.)

This next cute bedroom offers a great opportunity...

to turn into a lofty retreat:

Here's a closeup of the built in loft beds:

I can't leave the third bedroom out of my plans:

The courtyard offers a pleasant and private retreat of its own:

Tune is on an archipelago of Denmark.

The town may be best known for its airport, but if you lived here, you'd have little reason to leave. 

The listing is here.

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