House Updates 8 -- Paltrow/WeWork House, Mamaroneck, New York


"Just wait until the film crew gets out of here, and then we'll really be able to spiff up the place." That must have been what the homeowners of this Victorian home in Mamaroneck, New York were saying to each other back in 2021.

They were filming WeCrashed, the story of the company WeWork and its founders Rebekah Paltrow Neumann and Adam Neumann. The Mamaroneck house was a stand-in for Rebekah's childhood home. I  featured it and compared it to Rebekah's real house, here.

{Anne Hathaway starred as Rebekah Neumann}

{Childhood home vs. the movie home}

Rebekah's family's house is in Bedford, New York on Mount Aspetong. The movie location is about 45 minutes south, in Mamaroneck, with a view of Long Island Sound.

Now that the filming location has had its 15 minutes of fame, it's on the market, and thankfully, looks nothing like it did before. 

For the movie, I think they were going for a lived-in look:

This is what the dining room looked like in 2012:

Here's how it looks today:

It's not a dining room any more. Instead, the dining takes place here:

Coincidentally, it looks a little like the design I proposed for it back in April.

Here's what it looked like before its remodel:

The previous owners must have had a thing for the color green:

The current owners have a thing for blue (and gorgeous natural wood):

Here's the living room in the turret before...

and how it looks now:

The two bedrooms upstairs in the turrets have also seen some pretty drastic changes:

In 2012 it was listed as having 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Now it claims 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. (The square footage has also been recorded over the years as both 5,180 and 3,500 and most recently as 4,552. Let's just average that and call it 4,411.)

Not sure if the changes are due to substantial remodeling, but this is the bedroom and bathroom that's seen the biggest cosmetic change:

It used to be a real blast from the past:

Here's how that bathroom looks today:

As a bonus, the new listing includes some not-seen-before spaces:

The exterior hasn't been left out. Here's how the front porch used to look:

Here it is now:

Some more befores and afters:

If the sets had looked a little more as they do today and a little less like how they appeared in 2012, the movie might have scored higher ratings. It could have been like a Nancy Meyers' movie, where the story can afford to take a backseat to the setting. Now that the house has been all spruced up, maybe they should film a sequel: WeRedecorated.

It has a pending offer, but the listing is here.

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