Sorrell House, Booger Hill Road, Danielsville, Georgia


If you think that no road trip is complete without stopping at a historic house to fill up on red beans and rice, then I've found the place for you.

Zillow must agree, because it thinks this house's delicious red beans are just as appealing as its new roof.

I can find a few other things that are appealing about the 1918 Sorrell House in Danielsville, Georgia, including its towering pillars and wide front porch,

along with its spacious entry hall with its beautiful ceiling, moldings, and pocket doors.

The Sorrell House was once a popular bed and breakfast for travelers heading to Florida on Route 29. 

It's easy to imagine them appreciating the spacious living and dining rooms.

Visitors probably didn't get to see where the famous red beans were prepared, though, which is a shame. This roomy kitchen has a fireplace that gives it a lot of historic charm.

If it were mine, I'd really feature the historic charm like this:

Or like this in January, with a cozy fire and cozy dogs and lots of bulbs to give a hint of springtime.

Here's another view:

Behind the kitchen is a breakfast area...

which is where an addition to the house was created in the early 2000's:

It was probably a great place to serve red beans and rice, but right now it's a purple pool room:

It also feels like a lighting showroom:

I'd rather show off what a great space it is and make it look something like this:

This house has no shortage of great spaces to sit and digest after a great meal. 

Upstairs are five bedrooms, all with fireplaces. Sorrell House has 6,284 square feet.

There are also two office/dens and two more bathrooms.

The rear elevation more clearly shows the new addition (aka the purple pool room) to the left, as well as the old barn:

There's also an old pool that's been refurbished to be like new:

Even when the Sorrell House isn't serving up delicious red beans and rice, Danielsville and nearby Athens are still hot spots to stop for barbecue, pizza and wings.

Danielsville is named for Major General Allen Daniel, Jr. who served in the War of 1812. You would think that's a statue of him in front of the Madison County Courthouse, but no, that's Danielsville's most famous citizen, Dr. Crawford Long.

He was the first doctor to use sulfuric ether as anesthesia, in 1842. In his college days, "ether frolics" were kind of a thing, and while I don't want to know exactly what convinced him it would work for surgical purposes, I suppose it's a good thing that he found it out.

Danielsville also is home to Watson Mill Bridge State Park, featuring the longest covered bridge (228.6 feet) in the state of Georgia.


As for the Sorrells of Sorrell House, the internet is strangely silent. All we know is that their house was and still is a great destination, but that speaks for itself.

The listing is here.

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