Tånga Gård, Ängelholm, Skåne, Sweden

I usually start out January wanting to totally reorganize my pantry and/or laundry room. I search for pretty inspiration photos to motivate me to start cleaning. Next thing I know, I'm looking at real estate in Sweden.

Everything just looks so swept clean and tidy in their listings.

That's especially true at Tånga Gård, an 1846 manor house on nearly 700 acres, and nary a weed in sight.

The listing doesn't show the foyer of this immaculately white and clean house, but I imagine it looks something like this one:

It relates well to the living room:

Initially I wanted to pair it with this inspiration design, from deep in my Pinterest "chateau" pins,

simply because the colors matched the existing fireplace wall so well, but...

if it were mine, I'd probably go with something a bit lighter and fresher, like this:

Meanwhile, I found inspiration for the manor's dining room...

from the real estate listing that appeared right next to it:

From one fresh and clean room to another, this house makes me want to get out my Swiffer.

The back door is surprisingly modern, but old wooden beams give the upstairs a more traditional feel.

So does the exquisite tile fireplace:

As in many European real estate listings, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms isn't given, but the house has 4,628 square feet (430 square meters).

Brace yourself for a bad joke, but I can see how the beams in this bathroom might come in handy. 

I don't know if the basement is included in the house's square footage, but there is plenty of potential for attractive wine storage here:

While we don't know some details of the property, we are told that the 689 acres (279 hectares) are arable land of soil class 7. (In the U.S., soil class 7 means that it's unsuitable for cultivation and is restricted to grazing, forestland, or wildlife. Don't think that's true in Sweden, since it has arable soil.) The Unesco soil classification site lost me somewhere around here:

Their number 7 refers to Phreatic soil, which has something to do with its water table. That I get, because some of the acreage includes the beach at the bay of Skälderviken.

The town of Ängelholm is located at the head of the bay, in the Skåne province. It belonged to Denmark until 1658.

Ängelholm is famous for clay cuckoos (an ocarina-like instrument) and Koenigsegg sports cars.

{source (it sounds like what you'd expect it would), source}

The equally striking Tånga Gård house property also includes three houses for a property manager and villas for the gardeners. 

The barns are as impressive and as large as the main house:

They're also as well kept. I really need to pay more attention to my pantry.

The listing is here.

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