Cornwall Castle, Castle Road, Cornwall, Connecticut

Last week we read about Charlotte Martin and the cottage she built for her potter-in-residence. Now we get to peek inside Charlotte's own house, Cornwall Castle.

After Charlotte and architect Edward Dean finished developing the Turtle Bay Gardens row houses in Manhattan, they were primed to take on a bigger project. In 1921 they began work on a summer getaway for the Martins, in the woods of Cornwall, Connecticut. 

{Charlotte Bronson Hunnewell Sorchan Martin (1871-1961) source}

It was built by Marola Construction and took four years to complete.

Here you can see that the gates have been changed from wooden to iron, as has the balcony railing. 

The interiors have been recently updated as well:

Over the years, the castle had been owned by New York financiers and hedge managers, who took the idea of decorating a castle rather literally, as you can see below:

In 2019 the castle sold to a local builder and his wife who began blogging about it at They wanted to make the castle feel more like a home, as Charlotte had envisioned it, so they turned this room...

into this room, which really lets the architectural details shine:

They also updated the dining room:

It used to look like this:

I don't have a before photo of the kitchen, but the marble finishes seem to be a new and appropriate choice.

This is the family room where the throne-like chair has been replaced by a carved mirror instead:


The master bedroom has also changed into a serene retreat:

It used to be royally red:

It has an adjoining sitting room and master bathroom:

There are six more bedrooms, as well as four more full bathrooms and four half bathrooms in 8,767 square feet.

Here is the before picture of the bedroom above:

There's also a sauna:

The castle has eight fireplaces, including this one in the courtyard:

The property includes a pool/guesthouse.

It also includes a four bedroom gatehouse and caretaker's apartment.

Additionally there is a stable with four stalls and a private licensed helipad, to cover all your transportation needs.

In addition to being known for its castle, Cornwall is known for another impressive structure, its covered bridge:

It was built in 1864 and spans the Housatonic River.

I think Charlotte would be pleased that there are still a lot of potters taking up residence in Cornwall.

The castle isn't currently on the market; it last sold in 2022. Listing photos are here.

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