Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks' House, Brentwood, Tennessee


Country music superstar Trisha Yearwood has recently put her Tennessee home on the market. But here's the thing: I don't think she actually lives there. I think it's just the set for her TV show. Much like how Joanna Gaines cooks in her gristmill and Ree Drummond spices things up at The Lodge, she's leaving her cowboy boots by a bed in a different house at night. 

This is the home of Trisha's Southern Kitchen:

It's a very beautiful, yet homey home, built in 1920 and set on a little over four acres. Trisha bought it in June of 2000, prior to her marriage to Garth Brooks in 2005.

In 2008, Trisha and her niece got the idea to write a cookbook, Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen. It was a family venture with Trisha's mom Gwen and sister Beth, and became a bestseller.

By the way, that Oklahoma kitchen looks like it has a Tennessee porch:

It was quickly followed by another book, Home Cooking with Trisha YearwoodThat book not only also became a bestseller, but cemented the idea that she needed to have her own cooking show.

When Trisha's Southern Kitchen started airing on the Food Network in 2012, the producers decided she needed yet another porch for that kitchen:

They rented this 13,308 square foot mansion in Owasso, Oklahoma.

They filmed the first five seasons of the show here (and made some cosmetic changes along the way).

For season six, they moved back to Tennessee. Trisha has mentioned that it's difficult to film a cooking show when the location of the stovetop causes her to turn her back to the camera, which may have been one of the reasons they moved.

To make the Tennessee house more filming-friendly and have the stovetop face the camera, they had to change this kitchen...

to this kitchen...

so that it could become this kitchen when they filmed:

Here's something else you need to know before you see the rest of the house: Trisha has a furniture collection with Klaussner Furniture.

You can spot the pieces throughout the home. 

{Miss Yearwood Kitchen Island}

{Nashville kitchen island}

{the customizable Tifton sofa}

You get the idea. Not only is the house a set for the TV show, it makes a good furniture promo set as well:

Now let's see the rest of the house:

The XOXO chair references Trisha's song XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl), which is also the opening theme music and a logo for her TV show. I couldn't find it on Klaussner's furniture site, though.

The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms in 6,553 square feet.

There are also an elevator, three fireplaces, and a nine camera surveillance system.

As for the famous kitchen, it has a double oven with a six burner cooktop, a warming drawer, a 30 inch "gourmet" microwave, and a Sub-Zero refrigerator.

There's also another kitchen in a converted garage that's used for food prep during the show. 

When something is pulled out hot from the oven, it was really baked in another oven. That way the noise of the convection oven fans doesn't make the sound guy's life miserable.

Wrapping things up is the pool and poolhouse.

Now, I just have to say, that even with her own furniture line in the house, it just doesn't seem like she lives there. It doesn't seem to really have her personality.

I mean, this is Trisha:

If you watch her show, you'll get the idea that she's fond of animal prints. I suspect that she secretly wants to turn this dining room...

into this dining room:

And if it were mine, I'd turn this photo set living room...

into this living room:

And now for the obsessive fan fun facts portion of this post. Trisha also has a line of dinnerware, cocktail mixes, and even food available through Williams-Sonoma.

The dishes are the Gwendolyn collection, inspired by sketches her mother made when she decorated wedding cakes.

And then there's the hidden miniature mixer:

See if you can spot it next time you catch her show. It's just proof that even though she might not actually live in this house, she's put a lot of love in this house.

The listing is here.

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