Bob Dylan's House, Nethy Bridge, Highland, Scotland

What do Bob Dylan, composer Stephen Sondheim, and Henry VIII's wife Anne of Cleves all have in common? Well, music, I suppose, if Anne of Cleves was into music. But beyond that, all of their houses are on the market right now. I'll do my best to show you each one. Today, let's start with Bob's.

This is Aultmore House.

It's an A-listed Edwardian mansion, built between 1911 and 1915. It rests on 25 acres inside Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands and has views of the Cairngorms Mountains.

It's very secluded and private. Bob and his younger brother David bought it in 2006, and used it as a vacation retreat.

Here's the part where I should mention that in recent years Bob has been renting out Aultmore House for hotel stays and weddings, in case you didn't think he was the ruffled floral pillow and tablecloth type:

It's a little lacking in personality, so if it were mine, this reception room...

would get a little more Scottish-country style:

The dining room, kitchen and family room are currently pretty and functional... 

But I think family room could have a little more fringe personality, just so you get a hint of its previous owner:

The sunroom at the back of the house has amazing views of the mountains:

Upstairs are eight bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and five without. The floor above it has an additional ten attic bedrooms for guests and staff. There are eleven bathrooms total.The house is 18,357 square feet.

Additionally, there are three guest cottages named Osprey, Heron, and Curlew.

Osprey and Heron have two bedrooms and Curlew has three. (Shouldn't Curlew be smaller than Osprey and Heron?)

What country estate would be complete without a greenhouse and gardens? 

They make it an ideal wedding spot:

Aultmore House was built for Archibald Merrilees, son of the partner of Moscow's department store M&M. In its past, Aultmore House has served as a convalescent home during WWII, a finishing school, and a bed and breakfast. The River Spey is only a mile away, and the area offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking, and castle fortress peeking.

There's another thing that Bob Dylan's Aultmore House has in common with Stephen Sondheim's Turtle Bay Gardens townhouse and Anne of Cleves' Tudor retreat. In some small way, they all are linked to a castle. Beautiful homes with castle connections. It doesn't get any better than that.

My heart's in the Highlands wherever I roam, 
That's where I'll be when I get called home...
-- Bob Dylan

The listing is here.

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