The Fall of the House of Usher House, West Vancouver, BC, Canada


Netflix's adaptation of The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe is their third most popular show this week. 

The show's film sets range from shabby to spectacular, including this house with the bowling alley in the kitchen.

In real life it's a 16,000 square feet Vancouver mansion that has also been used as a film location for smaller productions. It's over-the-top enough to stand in as the home of Frederick Usher, the oldest son of a wealthy CEO of a pharmaceutical company.

As Netflix describes it, the miniseries has its share of "tragedy, trauma and supernatural threats." I couldn't make it through the second episode, so don't worry about me spoiling the show for you! As far as I know, Frederick is just fine and still enjoying that bowling alley.

The house was built in 1993 and substantially remodeled in 2012, adding another 6,000 square feet.

When it was on the market it was to be sold furnished, except for the 500 year old alabaster Buddha. 

The living room is to the left of the entrance:

The room immediately to the right of the foyer is furnished as a home office:

The foyer also offers a view of this sitting area with an impressive marble fireplace:

There's another set of stairs beside it, with a large fish tank:

To the right of that is a game room:

The room features an indoor fire pit and two story wine storage. See the bar? There are two others elsewhere in the house.
I imagine the architects and clients kept saying, "you know what would be cool?" and then tried to top each other with their answers.

The bowling alley and kitchen are on the other side of the TV lounge.
This isn't that kitchen. This is another kitchen somewhere else in the house. 
This courtyard view gives us a better idea of the (still confusing) u-shaped layout of the house.
Before we go upstairs, I found some house photos from 2011, before the house was remodeled and gained its u-shape that gave it an additional 6,000 square feet. It used to look quite different!


Back then the house had six bedrooms and five bathrooms. Today it has ten bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. The current listing shows three of the bedrooms:

I wonder if the scary movie shows this nightmare of a bedroom. What's up with the twisted canopy cover? If it were mine, I'd keep the sweet and ditch the scary, like this:

Here's the one bathroom out of twelve that was featured in the listing:
Here's how it looked prior to the remodel:

The house isn't currently on the market but has been available for rental. A recent rental rate was $35,000 a month -- now it looks like it's $50,000. The Usher's pharmaceutical company must be doing very well. I'm sure things turn out well for each of the characters.

Or maybe not.

The listing is here.

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