Harry Connick, Jr.'s House, Oyster Pond Lane, Chatham, Massachusetts


Why does Harry Connick, Jr. hate rugs so much? I'm kidding, of course, but both of the houses he's recently listed for sale hint that his song "Fidgety Feet" indicates his preference for bare floors.

It's understandable at his current listing on saltwater Oyster Pond in Chatham, Massachusetts.  

After all, it's right on the beach and maybe he didn't want to track sand on his carpets.

But the bare floors bit goes back to his Connecticut house in the woods, so either he or his home stager prefer them that way.

Let's look first at that home in New Canaan. It was originally an 1890's dairy farm that Harry and his wife Jill Goodacre beautifully remodeled and updated.

The 4.6 acre property contains three barns. One has been converted into the main house, a second one was used as a gym, and the third served as Harry's music studio. 

They bought the property in 1998 and raised their three daughters here.

Harry remarked in an interview that he played the grand piano in the kitchen more often than the one in the living room because they spent more time in the kitchen.

Their daughters now live in Sydney, Australia, where they relocated when Harry became a judge on Australian Idol

It's a bit of a mystery where Harry and Jill have decided to settle. 

Have you noticed? There's no rugs. Not even one to put their tootsies on when they got out of bed on a cold Connecticut morning.

The home has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in 11,598 square feet. It last sold in 2018.

That brings us to their summer retreat near Nantucket Sound. 

It's that grand old summer house that most of us dream about. It was built in 1963.

How do you feel about the paneling around the fireplace being the only paneling in the room? I'm not sure I like it, but I would also hate to see it painted. 

Here's an idea of what it could look like if we added beams to balance it out. There's also a rug -- but maybe Harry hates it when rugs get wrinkled by the dogs.

Conversely, the family room surround has been painted, and this room does have a rug, albeit it's a small silver-striped zebra hide.

That lamp reminds me of one those old pouting/timeout dolls that were made to stand in the corner.

The kitchen has been remodeled to become a bright and open gourmet space, reminiscent of their wonderful Connecticut kitchen.

Upstairs are five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house has 5,308 square feet.

This bedroom is also similar to its Connecticut counterpart, with its modern four-poster bed and neutral seating area.

If it were mine, I'd warm it up a little bit with paneling and nice cozy rug.

Similarly, the bathroom could be updated from this...

to this:

The rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms are crisp and pretty in their coastal colors:

At last, a nice, large rug! One of their daughters must have put her foot down about having one.

The house is being sold furnished, making it even more attractive to potential buyers. I guess you'll have to provide your own rugs.

The Connecticut house photos are here. The listing is here.

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