Homer Street, Maysville, Georgia


Maysville, Georgia is a city that doesn't toot its own horn much when it comes to attracting tourists.

"Train tracks run through the center of town. A visit to this small country town is a dream for those who love Victorian architecture. The old houses that line the track offer a look back in time to an era gone by. The town is slowly reviving, adding a few shops here and there and is worth driving through on a Saturday or Sunday."

What the tourist sites don't mention is that this is a town that likes a little local color:

Maysville's most famous resident was folk artist Mattie Lou O'Kelley (1908-1997) who was "discovered" while painting in a one room cabin, and whose work now hangs in the Smithsonian.

She painted bucolic scenes of rural Georgia, and lots of little blue houses that look very much like this circa 1900 folk Victorian in Maysville's Historic district.

The house has a wide center hall with 12 foot ceilings and decorative transoms (covering glass panels?) over many of the doors and windows.

If it were mine, I'd introduce it to another famous small town Georgia resident with an eye for color, designer James Farmer:

The dining room already suggests a color palette he'd be familiar with, due to its stained glass windows depicting grapes and peaches.

James' design with flowering branch wallpaper and sculptural lemon lamps would look right at home:

The living room is on the opposite side of the center hall:

This room would look pretty in a peachy-plum palette, like this:

Moving down that central hallway, pay no attention when we get to the kitchen, because the kitchen...

should be a home office instead of a kitchen:

That's because the kitchen could move into the room behind it, this big and under-utilized sunroom:

It could ultimately look a little something like this:

{source unknown}

Rounding out the rest of the house are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is 2,386 square feet.

I couldn't resist one last inspiration match with a James Farmer design:

Even though the inspiration is a little more brown than coral, something tells me he's perfectly suited to  bring some of that local color into this peach of a house.

The Old House Dreams listing is here.

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