Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan


This cute corner condo with a cupola on Main Street in Harbor Springs, Michigan has Hallmark movie setting written all over it. It's perched over a little boutique that's currently selling women's wear and shoes, but it's easy to re-imagine it as a candy store or florist shop.

The girl who lives here came to this charming waterfront town to escape her busy life in the big city. She has no retail experience, but that won't stop her from re-inventing herself as a sassy shopkeeper.

She puts in long hours making candy or arranging flowers, and soon befriends everyone on Main Street.

After finally closing the shop for the day, she wearily climbs the stairs to her home, cheerfully furnished with friends' hand-me-downs. (She's making a clean start, remember.)

If it were my Hallmark movie, her best friend would be an interior designer:

The curve of the sofa would match the curve of the kitchen under the cupola.

The dining area is tucked between the kitchen and living room.

The condo was built in 2007 and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,506 square feet. 

While this pinkish-purple bedroom is a good fit for our Hallmark heroine...

at some point her designer friend would tell her that it's boring and zshush it up for her a little, like this:

{Matilda Goad}

In reality, the condo has been a vacation rental, which explains the neutral decor choices.

It has a 4.5 star rating, though, because it's attractive and in a great location.

The back deck has a pretty view of a cinematic cookie store...

while the front view entices with fudge.

Good thing it's just a short and pleasant walk to Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan.

I've found some older photos that really showcase its parade watching potential as well as its cute as a button potential.

It's probably on the market because our Hallmark heroine is now married and running an inn with her new husband. He was either her handsome but troubled landlord or the cute but know-it-all carpenter she hired to put up some store shelves. The listing is here.

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