April Fool

I've been saving some unique images I've come across in real estate listings over the past year. It's fun to revisit them and collect them all in one spot. 

The castle turret on this contemporary house makes quite a statement. I found an older photo before the cedar shakes were painted that better suits the fairytale vibe the builder must have been seeking:

This new build on Drabbington Way in Weston, MA must have been inspired by the photo above:

This room addition, though, is just plain inspired:

I also tend to see a lot of interesting photo angles in the listings...

as well as some pretty creative decorating:

The type of listing photo below always makes me laugh. Look at how the people are enjoying the space! You can too, just like them!

At least they aren't demonstrating how to use the shower, like they did in an image I found in 2020.

Compared to that, a sign reading "Time to drink champagne and dance on the table" may not seem that unusual...

but I'm pretty sure it wasn't part of the original decor in this 1910 church conversion:

Speaking of signs, it's coffff time! Or coeee time.

All the sign below needs is a comma and some intelligent dogs.

Finally, this last picture is a sign that the house might need a few updates:

Happy April! Hope spring is finally showing up, wherever you are!

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